Best Ski Goggles 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Whether you ski for sport or recreation, you must invest in the best accessories there is, and one of the most important, if not the most important part of ski safety is choosing the most suitable ski Best Ski Gogglesgoggles. It’s pretty evident that you need to see clearly when you slide down that white blanket of snow. There are many elements too that can affect your eyesight like the time of day or night, the amount of sunlight, the presence of trees, rocks and other roadblocks and so much more. You need the best ski goggles not just to protect your eyes but to improve your vision to steer clear of any hazards.

We have arranged this review of the best ski goggles to help buyers like you choose the ideal pair for your recreational or sporting needs. Believe us when we tell you it’s hard to pick the best because of the many brands in the market. If you are new to shopping for ski goggles, it’s going to be a huge challenge, but whatever you do you must not buy ski goggles out on a whim.

Whether you shop online or from an actual ski accessories shop, you must dedicate enough time to find the best one for your needs. There are a lot of things to consider: the lens material, the lens ability to reflect light, UV protection, the goggles strap, the goggles overall fit and so on.

There are a lot of new features for ski goggles in the market as well like updated lens coating, new nose guard designs, goggles with built-in cameras and GPS seem to be very tempting but your safety out on the slopes should be a priority.

Best Ski Googles 2018

We have rounded up ten of the best ski goggles of 2018; goggles that have gathered a large number of good reviews online. These products have received top ratings for their features, great design and excellent performance out in the field.

And of course, these ski goggles are the most updated and have been recommended many times over. We hope that you will be able to help you find the most suitable ski goggles for your needs.

Ski GogglesLens Shape/TypeGoggles forOther Technologies  
G4Free Ski GogglesSpherical
AdultsTPU Frame
Flow-Tech Venting
Thickened foam padding
UV400 protection
Over the Glass
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WACOOL Multicolor Ski GooglesSpherical
AdultsTPU Frame
3-Core Face Foam Padding
UV400 Protection
Over the Glass
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Bolle AMP GogglesCylindrical
KidsFlow-tech venting
P80+ antifog treatment
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Scott Recoil GogglesCylindrical
Adults2-Layer face foam
No-slip silicone strap
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Picador Ski GogglesCylindrical
Kids3-Core Face Foam
No-slip Elastic Strap
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Gonex Ski GogglesCylindricalAdultsTPU frame construction
Three layers of memory foam
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Smith Optics Scope Unisex Snow GoggleCylindrical
AdultsSoft urethane foam molds
Fog-X anti-fog inner lens
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Bolle Mojo Snow GogglesCylindrical
AdultsBolles P-80+ premium anti-fog layer
Flow-Tech Venting
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OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PROSpherical
AdultsTPU frame construction
UV400 Protection
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OutdoorMaster OTG Ski GogglesCylindrical
AdultsSoft TPU frame
UV400 protection
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1. G4Free Ski Goggles – Perfect ski goggles for ski geeks

The G4Free Ski Goggles is a spherical multicolor OTG dual lens designed for standard snowboarding, snowmobile, skiing and other wintertime sports. This is high performance ski goggles with anti-fog and UV400 protection. The lens is made of durable, reliable PC material that reduces glare.

The lenses have a spherical design for improved vision and smooth venting. Having a spherical design improves your view by more than 180 degrees so you will be able to see anything that can slow you down or any hazard as you move along. The G4Free ski goggles won’t be too hot to wear, unlike other goggles that feel like a plastic cover over your eyes.

This has a two-way ventilation system that improves air-flow and reduces fogging during warm conditions. It has a thick foam padding made of a triple-layer of high-density absorbent sponge that frames your face to keep it warm and free from wind.

The lens is impact-resistant to ensure safety even during accidents. It has long, utterly adjustable head straps to fit skiers who prefer to wear a helmet or a facemask. The straps won’t slip or slide because of unique anti-slipping silicone technology. These will stay on the ski helmet no matter how much you move.

The G4Free Ski Goggles has many updated designs and features however there are a few not so good things about this product.

The lens may be spherical and coated with UV400 protection and may reduce glare during sunny days, but the outer coating scratches easily. It’s a good thing that this comes with a protective cloth and a carrying case so that you can safely carry it anywhere.

Also, the thick foam padding easily frames the face, but there are no anti-sweat and anti-smell features; it is therefore recommended that you air this out or dry it with a blow dryer as soon as you take these off.

Finally, it is a one-size-fits-all accessory however it may be too big for people with smaller faces. G4Free Ski Goggles for Men and Women is a good all-around winter time sport and recreational goggles and has updated features. It offers an unobstructed view of its dual spherical lens with UV protection. You just need to keep it free from dirt and to be careful not to scratch the protective surface.


  • With double spherical lens with UV400
  • Flexible, durable TPU frame
  • Can fit over glasses
  • Longer, completely adjustable straps
  • Improved ventilation


  • No anti-sweat and anti-smell features
  • Could be easily scratched especially when it is placed face down on a table
  • Not enough sizes available, not for people with small faces


2. WACOOL Multicolor Ski Googles – Good mirrored coating goggles for all-around wintertime and sports use

The WACOOL Multicolor Ski Goggles has a broad vision double lens with many features that you might be looking for in ski goggles. This ski goggle has real REVO blue-mirrored coating to provide excellent vision even during low light so you can see bumps and hazards in the snow better.

The lenses are double spherical and are entirely detachable from the goggle frame. These are made from polycarbonate and designed with anti-fog and 100% UV400 protection. The lenses are also extra-large to make sure that these cover the eyes well and to provide effective UV protection.

The WACOOL has a comfortable and flexible 3-core face foam padding. The impact-resistant frame is also deeper for people who prefer to wear glasses; the frame is also designed to fit most types of eyeglass frames. This ski glasses can be used for all winter sports.

It has straps with dual adjustments, wider bands to prevent slipping when worn with a ski helmet and is compatible with almost all helmet designs as well. This WACOOL goggle is for men and women alike and will fit all sizes.

The WACOOL Multicolor Ski Goggles may be the right fit for you but before you shop, take note of a few of its not-so-good points.

First, this goggle is too big especially for people who have very small faces. Take note that there are no other sizes available for this model.

The lenses have a good protective coating and offer anti-fog and UV400 protection but these also scratched easily. The blue-mirrored coating offers better vision during low light conditions but may not be right during foggy days. It could be a good pair to wear for low light but should be changed right away should condition on the slopes get worse.


  • Blue mirrored coating with VLT 15%
  • Detachable double spherical lenses with anti-fog and UV400
  • With comfortable 3-core foam padding
  • Fits over most glasses
  • Impact resistant with dual strap adjustments


  • Looked too big for people with smaller faces
  • Lenses scratched easily
  • Not ideal during foggy days


3. Bolle AMP Goggles – Good junior ski goggles with venting features and protective coating

The Bolle AMP Goggles is a double lens ski goggle that may be worn when skiing, snowboarding, sledding or while riding a snowmobile. This pair creates a dual-pane thermal barrier that will warm the eyes and keep the wind out but will not fog up during changes in temperature. It is designed with a unique Flow-Tech venting system that will let your eyes breathe; you can wear this for longer periods without feeling hot and uncomfortable at all.

The Bolle AMP Goggles will not scratch quickly because of its Carbo-Glass outer coating. This is a protective armor that covers the outer surface of the lens.

It also has embedded anti-fog layer found in the inner lens to prevent water molecules from collecting across the surface of the lens. This feature will make sure that you can safely see even on the low cast and foggy days.

This pair is for kids age 3 to 8 and is therefore compatible with ski helmets designed for small children. It is available in vermillion and citrus dark lens color while the frame comes in a variety of shades.

The Bolle AMP Goggles is a very straightforward pair that does not come with any case or cover. This may not be a good thing since kids could scratch the lenses of this pair easily. There is no size chart for this ski goggle, and therefore fitting problems may happen.

It may not fit kids with tiny faces. You must be very particular about the fit when you chose the Bolle AMP Goggles and wear it only with adult supervision.


  • With Flow-Tech venting to avoid heat accumulation
  • With dual-pane thermal barrier
  • With Carbo-Glass outer lenses to prevent scratches
  • With embedded anti-fog layer
  • For kids/junior ages 3 to 8


  • Does not fit over glasses
  • Does not come with a bag or case
  • Fitting problems for small kids

4. Scott Recoil Goggles – Clear ski and motorsport goggles with 100% UV protection

The Scott Recoil Goggles is goggles for all kinds of winter sports and recreational activities. This is an 80 series Lexan lens that is tear-off compatible and designed with 100% UV protection.

The wearer will be able to see clearly in almost all kinds of conditions, and since the lens is clear, it is easy to spot hazards and possible dangers out in the snow or on the road. This goggle is not just for winter sports, but it is also for motorsports where the demands for safe and efficient eye accessories are needed all the more.

These Scott Recoil Goggles has a super soft face foam that won’t injure the eye during unforeseen accidents. It also has a rubber backed strap so it can fit well even when wearing a ski helmet; it won’t slip or slide even if you keep moving.

The Scott Recoil Goggles is primarily made of hard Lexan glass. Lexan is one of the most durable glass material to be used for protective eyewear. As you can see this pair does not have any coating, no protection from glare or lighting conditions in the snow. It may have good 100% UV protection, but the lens is still clear and could be dangerous when you are out in the white slope.

The strap is flexible and has rubber so it can hold on to the helmet no matter how much you move. However there are no ventilation features, and even if you stretch the strap in full, there is no room for glasses to fit.

This pair of Scott Recoil Goggles should only be worn during daytime skiing. There may be no coating on the lens, but overall it is a durable winter time sport and motor sports goggle to use.


  • 100% UV protection
  • With clear Lexan lens
  • With super soft face foam
  • With a rubber backed strap
  • Tear-off compatible


  • Offers no glare protection or coating
  • No ventilation features
  • Can’t wear glasses while using this goggles

5. Picador Ski Goggles – Good junior ski goggles with UV protection and durable lens

The Picador Ski Goggles is made for kids 5+ years of age. This has a double-layer lens with VLT of 18%. The lens is made from strong and durable polycarbonate and because of this it is shatterproof, scratchproof and impacts resistance.

It provides UV protection so your kids can be safe even from the sun’s harsh UV rays especially in the open snow. Child will be able to see better and broader with this ski goggles so he can’t miss hazards, rocks, trees and anything that can block his way. Kids will find this goggles easy to wear and comfortable with two-way ventilation holes; it allows air to move in and out so it won’t be too hot to wear.

Your child can wear this even with a helmet on because it won’t slip or slide with its no-slip elastic strap. These goggles won’t move unnecessarily too because it has a 3-core face foam. This foam will also help cover the eyes securely and avoid drastic temperature changes.

Picador offers a 30-day money back guarantee on this product so it could be a good buy for parents. This item is also available in 10 different frame colors.


  • With a double-layer lens that is scratch resistant and impact resistant
  • With UV protection and anti-fog features
  • With two-way ventilation holes
  • No-slip elastic strap and 3-core face foam
  • With a 30-day money back guarantee


  • Scratched easily
  • The straps are not too long
  • Not made to use with eyeglasses


6. Gonex Cylindrical Lens Ski Goggles – Best all-around goggles for wintertime activities and sports

The Gonex Cylindrical Lens Ski Goggles designed for skiing, snowboarding and other wintertime sports. The cylindrical outer lens is made from impact-resistance PC while an inner grey lens protects the eyes. A cylindrical-shaped lens lets you view your route easily and without any obstruction; you can steer clear off hazards like rocks and trees and quickly and safely make turns as well.

The frame of the Gonex ski goggles is made from flexible urethane TPU that will comfortably fit any shape of the face. An adjustable frame will also work for different kinds of helmets. The lens frame protects the face with three layers of memory foam which provides better impact resistance. It will keep cold air and chilly wind from moving into the goggles, and therefore you can wear these as long as you can out in the slope without feeling discomfort.

This ski goggle has an updated frameless design with some size options. You must choose the correct size so you can wear it confidently on the slopes.

The Gonex Cylindrical Lens Ski Goggles is available in a variety of sizes, but the smallest one still looks huge for a person with a small face. The strap lets you use this with a ski helmet, but you need to stretch the strap. Therefore, it could be too tight to wear with a helmet during the first time you will wear it.

This ski goggles is an excellent ski goggle to use, but you need to be very particular about the size when you order.


  • Strong impact –resistance PC outer lens with UV400
  • Allows you to see your route better
  • With a flexible urethane TPU frame
  • With three-layers of memory foam to increase impact resistance
  • With updated frameless design, optional sizes available


  • Too large for people with small faces
  • You need to stretch the strap to fit


7. Smith Optics Scope Unisex Snow Goggle – Good dual lens anti-fog ski goggles for overcast days

The Smith Optics Scope Unisex Snow Goggle is a google that has a dual Fog-X lens that will prevent fog build-up. You can wear this even during foggy and overcast days and still see the slopes clear.

It has a flexible frame so you can use it as it is or with a ski helmet. It will conform to the shape of your face quickly and will never let cold air to flow and affect any activity.

This has a medium fit and has a completely –adjustable silicone backed strap that will allow you wear this while using a helmet. It has soft urethane foam that molds on the face; it won’t be comfortable to wear even if you are on the slopes all day long.

The Smith Optics Scope Unisex Snow Goggle is all good when it comes to use during foggy or overcast days and is flexible to be worn for different kinds of wintertime activities and sports.

However, if you wear glasses, you will not be able to use this ski goggles since there is simply no room. The foam lining of the frame takes a lot of room while the nose is just too high to let eyeglasses to be worn.

But all-in-all, this pair is a good ski goggles to choose because of its features, but if you wear eyeglasses you better look for another pair.


  • With a flexible frame and soft urethane foam that molds on the face
  • With dual lens with passive airflow ventilation
  • With Fog-X lens
  • With adjustable silicone backed strap
  • Made in the USA


  • Tricky adjustment strap
  • You can’t wear glasses with this goggles


8.Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles – Best double lens ski goggles of 2018

The Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles is made for everyday snow activities. It has a matte black frame and an updated design like a double carbo glass lens, vermillion tint, flow vent technology and a double lens thermal barrier. This thermal barrier protects you and the elements without sacrificing vision and UV protection. Therefore it can be used on sunny and overcast days.

The carbo glass lens has embedded anti-fog layers on its inner lens that will help remove water along the surface. This feature will make sure that you won’t have moisture buildup inside and on the surface of the lens that can block your vision. On the other hand, the outer surface of this goggle is covered with a protective armor to prevent scratches and maintains clear view no matter what the weather is.

The Bolle Mojo is also designed with the flow vent technology to reduce fogging and to improve airflow inside the lens. You can wear this with your ski helmet, and in fact, you can wear this with any helmet. It has an adjustable strap and is padded for extra comfort.

The Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles is a good pair to use because of its great features that you need out in the slope. The double lens thermal barrier, anti-fog protection, flow ventilation technology and UV protection to name a few, make it suitable for wintertime sports and activities.

However, the straps may not be entirely adjustable making it too loose for some to use. The vermillion lens is too light or too dark to use and may be a problem if conditions out in the slope tend to change fast.


  • With Carbo Glass and anti-fog protection features
  • With double lens thermal barrier
  • With Flow-Vent technology to avoid fogging
  • With vermillion tint, UV protection, and a good seal
  • Can be worn even with a helmet


  • May be too loose for some people
  • It does not come with a storage pouch
  • Scratched easily
  • Too light or too dark to use

9.  OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO – Spherical ski goggles for a wide, unobstructed view of the slopes

The OutdoorMaster Ski Googles PRO is a frameless 100% UV400 lens designed for snow protection for men and women. It features a large spherical design so you can have an unobstructed view of the slope in all conditions.

It is comfortable to use and is versatile too because it has an interchangeable lens system. You can choose from among the 20+ different lenses available for day or night, cloudy or overcast and foggy day conditions. However, these lenses are sold separately.

The OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles can be worn over glasses, and it has a universal helmet compatibility with its long elastic strap. You can wear it all day, and it won’t fog up with its anti-fog coating and 100% UV 400 protection.

When you purchase the OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO, you get a protective case and a carrying pouch. This manufacturer also provides a 1-year product warranty with a customer service available.

The OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO is a ski goggles that has a frameless and a large –spherical design for an unobstructed view of the area no matter what you are doing in the snow. It has an interchangeable lens to let you use other lenses; you can choose from their 20+ lens types.

However, you may need to pay more since additional lenses are sold separately. The lens offers UV protection and anti-fog coating. However, the glare from the internal part of the lens is too disturbing. It can fit over glasses but not eyeglasses with large frames.

All in all, the OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles is a good pair to use because of its protective effects, but you may need to pay more just to use its interchangeable lens feature. But if you are comfortable with only one kind of lens to use then this could be a suitable product for you.


  • With a frameless, large spherical design
  • Interchangeable lens with more than 20 different lens to choose from
  • With OTG design, anti-fog coating and 100% UV400 protection
  • Compatible with almost all kinds of helmet designs and extra-long straps
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • You need to purchase replacement lenses
  • Internal glare is very distracting
  • Does not fit large glasses


10. OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles – UV protection and anti-fog ski goggles for eyeglass wearers

The OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles is designed to be worn over eyeglasses. It may be used for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile riding, sledding or just simply hiking or sightseeing in the snow.

It is designed to provide maximum clarity and to provide 100% UV protection with its dual-layer lens with a mirror-like appearance to reflect light back. It also has anti-fog coating and UV400 protection, ideal for morning time winter activities.

This ski goggles fit well but still allows room for you to wear your prescription eyeglasses. You don’t have to leave your glasses behind just because you want to go skiing or snowboarding.

The OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles is possibly one of the most stylish with a variety of color options to fit everyone. You can choose from a variety of lens colors, frame colors and strap colors depending on your mood or activity.

You get a completely adjustable strap that is entirely helmet compatible. This goggle can work with almost all helmet designs you can think of because of its extra-long strap. It can be worn by men or women and also for youth or teens.

As with all OTG ski goggles, the OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles is advertised as can be worn over glasses however it may not fit glasses with extra-large frames. It has great lens protective properties with anti-fogging and UV400 protection however it can be easily scratched. It’s good that this ski goggles come with a carrying case and pouch so you can keep it safe when not in use.


  • With excellent optical clarity, 100% UV400 protection
  • With anti-fog coating
  • Universal helmet compatible with its extra-long adjustable strap
  • Can be worn by men or women
  • Can be worn over glasses
  • With a variety of lens, strap and frame colors available


  • Scratches easily
  • Does not fit most glasses
  • Too tight especially when used for the first time




How to shop for the best ski goggles for your needs

Here are a few tips to help you look for the best ski goggles:

Choose the right tint for your lens

Now this is possibly one of the most important things that you need to consider when choosing the ideal ski goggles. Take note that the time of day, weather, terrain, and activity play a huge role in selecting the right tint.

There is a tint or color of a lens that will provide you with the right visible light transmission or VLT under different light conditions. Low VLT of 15 means that you get less eye strain during sunny days while a high VLT like 70 will allow you to have better depth and color perception even during low-light days.

In low lighting or when there is fog, yellow, amber and gold filter blue light so you can see shadows on the snow. With these tints, you get to see bumps, tree stumps and low lying branches better even during moderate and variable lighting. Light rose and rose copper lenses will also work during low-light days.

Dark tints will work great during bright days so you can wear dark, copper, brown, dark green, and dark gray tints. On the other hand, sunset and nighttime activities require clear lenses with the highest VLT. There are goggles with interchangeable glasses to let you switch lens tints in case outdoor lighting conditions change.

Always choose goggles with UV protection

Protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays common in the open slope because there is no natural cover to hide on. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to sunburn on your eyes and can even damage your eyes and lead to cataracts. Check for 100% UV protection.

Prefer goggles with improved peripheral vision

You should be able to see 180 degrees from side to side so you can steer clear of skiers that can pass you from the side. Wrap style goggles with minimal distortion at the sides should be your choice.

Fitting your goggles

Whether you choose to ride with or without a helmet, make sure that your goggles will fit with both. Take time to adjust the strap around your head. The strap should be easy to adjust and the buckles should be easy to use as well.

Be sure to that you don’t feel pain or tightness in the nose or on the nose bridge or around the face. If you wear eyeglasses, make sure that you pick the ski goggle that can fit over your glasses. If you have eyeglasses with a unique style or size, then you may ask an optician to create a prescription pair.

Choose anti-fogging goggles

The warm air of your breath and moisture from your eyes and the cold lens equals to fogging, and this could severely affect your vision. Anti-fogging lenses usually have vents on the sides and on the top and bottom of the frame to avoid this.


A white blanket of snow could be deceiving, and as you rush down the slope, anything can happen if you do not see hazards that are in front of you. With an efficient and updated ski goggles, you can quickly locate hazards, distinguish shadows and have fun without feeling very cautious.

It’s tough to look for the best pair because of a lot of factors to consider, but it all boils down to three points: durable, UV safe and glare-free lenses, flexible yet strong frame and a helmet compatible and adjustable strap. We believe that if you stay smart and do your homework before you hit the stores, you will be safe and will be able to have fun on the slopes.